E100 Ethanol Group Home Page

(Last updated January 20, 2018) 

                                        Our Mission

To bring about the use of E100, gasoline free ethanol, as a primary motor fuel in the United States using E100 engines optimized for ethanol and not gasoline.

There are 5 main reasons why it is important  for the US to do this:

1. Climate Change caused by CO2 emissions
2. American Security - both environmental and economic
3. Economic and cultural costs of fluctuating gasoline prices.
4. Create short term employment  for constructing ethanol plants and long term, permanent employment for producing ethanol.
5. Provide consumers a choice between oil and ethanol companies for  setting the price of motor fuel.


E100 is:
    98/2 mixture of ethanol/iso-propyl alcohol* with 10 ppm DNB**
    (approved as motor fuel under 27 CFR 19.1005 and 27 CFR 19.746)

* Could replace the iso-propyl alcohol with ether if submitted for approval to the government's Tax and Trade Bureau

**DNB- denatonium benzoate - bitter tasting substance to denature the alcohol so it can not be ingested.